Tuesday, July 21, 2020


 This is our efforts by IT departments of Sant Public School in Covid-19 apademics

"Self-learning is the best form of learning."

The art of self-learning - Newspaper - DAWN.COM

Benefits Of Self Study

Self-study is a process wherein a child learns independently without the help of a teacher or trainer. Student uses external sources such as textbooks, notes or any other online or print source. Here, the student is his own teacher and is responsible for what s/he studies.

Self-study is an essential and crucial part of a students’ learning. When a student sits for a certain lecture, it isn’t always that he absorbs and retains whatever has been taught in class which is why self-study is essential.

What then are the various benefits of self-study and how it helps students to succeed.

  • Learning without any Constraints
  • Creating a sense of Responsibility
  • Easy language
  • Builds Confidence
  • Score Better